How to change eye color in Lightroom

In this tutorial, I show you how to change eye color in Lightroom in a natural and realistic way.

While just adding some color mask or modifying the color hue may be enough if the eyes are relatively small in the picture, it will just not cut it for close up images, where the amount of details is greater and a sloppy job will be noticed immediately.

You will learn how to get a final result that really looks natural thanks in part to the use of advanced local adjustment options that you might not yet know.

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Useful shortcuts
Adjustment Brush: B
Radial filter: Shift + M
Brush size: mouse wheel
Brush feather: Shift + mouse wheel
Show/hide mask overlay: O
Switch between brushes A and B: /
Eraser:  Paint while holding the Alt key (Option on Mac); you can press the Alt key and use the mouse wheel (incl. with Shift) to modify the size and feather of the brush.
Undo last brush stroke: Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z on Mac)

If like me you have a non-English keyboard and can’t use some of the default shortcuts (such as /), check out my post on how to customize the Lightroom shortcuts:

This video is kind of a follow up to an earlier tutorial on changing color in Lightroom (including going from color to white or black):

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