Essential Ligthroom shortcuts

Just like Photoshop, Ligthroom makes extensive use of shortcuts. And just as in Photoshop, there are so many shortcuts in Lightroom, some quite complicated, that it’s next to impossible to remember them all. So here are the ones that I find the most useful, not only because they are associated to very common tasks, but also because they are pretty easy to remember, many of them being just one key. Continue reading

Lightroom basics #1: the catalog

The catalog, Lightroom’s central element, is a database that contains all the information about the photos in the library, as well as all retouches and adjustments that are made.

When you first use Lightroom, it asks you to create a catalog, which you can do by writing its name and choosing where to save it. In the selected location, a folder is created with the chosen name, for instance “my catalog”, and the following content: Continue reading