Saving your Lightroom Print and Slideshow designs

Both the Print and Slideshow modules offer a variety of export options, including to JPG files, so they are a great way to create custom images for the web and social media.

Whether you use those modules to create print jobs, slideshows or to export JPG pictures, it’s very easy to save any specific design and even which photos were used in a particular project.

Templates vs Saved Print/Slideshow

Templates store only the design, including general layout, margins, text overlays, etc.

Saved Print and Saved Slideshow are special collections that contain a set of pictures and link them to their respective print/slideshow design (which doesn’t have to exist as a template)

To create a template, use the + button in the template browser title bar and set the name and folder in which it will be saved. At any time, just click on a template to apply it to other pictures.

If you modify a template, changes are not saved automatically, but you can right-click on the template’s name and update it with the current settings. You could of course create a new template with those modifications, instead of updating the first one.

To create a Saved Print or Slideshow, click either on the + button in the Collections panel title bar, or on Create Saved Print/Slideshow in the top-right of the screen. Both methods have identical options.

Except for the fact that they are linked to their respective print/slideshow designs, they behave as normal collections. You can thus move them around within collections or collection sets, as well as add, remove and re-order pictures that they contain.

Be aware that if a Saved Print or Slideshow is selected and you modify any of the design settings, add or delete text overlays,… the changes you make are automatically saved to that selected print/slideshow.

That’s a good reason to always create a template in addition to saving the slideshow/print. If you change the saved print/slideshow by mistake, you can always reset its design in one click by re-applying the template.

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