Picture Frames Templates Pack for Lightroom Classic

18 Picture Frames Templates to display your pictures.

Perfect to showcase your pictures as they would look in a real-life environment. Great for social media and websites, these templates are used in Lightroom Classic’s Print module, which allows the export of those images without plugins, and without the need to use Photoshop or other apps to add such templates.

There are 7 different designs and 18 layouts in total, as the templates are included for 4×5 (1080 x 1350px; the best size and ratio for Instagram posts) and 9×16 (1080 x 1920px; for stories). Additionally, some designs also have a 16×9 (1920 x 1080px; Full HD) version.

Each template has been carefully crafted, with subtle highlights & shadows overlay on top of your picture in the frame, for maximum realism.

And all of that for a very low price, or even for free (along with many other goodies) if you support my work on Patreon.

Very easy to use, as I explained in this article:

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