Restoration & retouching

If you have pictures that need to be retouched or restored, just contact me and explain what you would like to be done, as well as if it is urgent. I will evaluate the photograph and email you the price to restore the photo and an estimated delivery time. This will be the final price, no surprise.
In case of very damaged photographs, I will let you know beforehand to what extend it can humanly be restored.

If you agree to the price, I will begin restoring your image(s). When it’s done, I will send you a watermarked image for your approval. You’ll receive the full image without watermark upon final payment completion.

This is the kind of problems that can be fixed:

  • Faded colors, having been modified
  • Water damage, fire damage, smoke damage
  • Missing pieces or torn photographs
  • Marks on the photos (handwritten names, drawn mustaches, etc.)
  • Stains (coffee, mold,…)
  • Removal of undesired people or objects

Note: I do all retouching on a professional, calibrated monitor, which is very important for color accuracy when you order photographic prints.

See a few before/after samples

Contact me to request a quote